Administrative Officer’s Message

I have been involved with LPS from its very inception. Intriguing the vision of our founder Er Tarh Hari and turning it into the physical reality was an exceptional challenge and opportunity. I feel very conceited that the school we have created is unique, beautiful and exceptionally well-equipped.

Overseeing the buildings or the physical environment of the school has not been the end of my task. Indeed I realize that our school is far more than just buildings and that a truly successful school is one where staff, students and parents come together to form a complete and harmonious community. My experience tells me that this is something which can only be achieved if it is renewed each and every day.

Now my task is not only to supervise the financial, administrative and daily running of the school but I am helping to build something more precious: a serene community with shared aims, beliefs and ambitions.

We strongly agglutinate that education should foster the pupil’s live as a whole in terms of positive attitude towards life, learning about the world around them, and above all, a good human being.

I am very sanguine that all of you will want to be a part of this placid community and acclimatize the vision which we all share and care at LPS.

ER. tarh Takam
Administrative Officer