Vision And Mission


To provide value based education relevant for all, nurture local talent, support creation of excellence in teaching AND learning, produce high quality innovative STUDENTS and HELP contribute toward sustainable development of the state.


The SCHOOL shall strive to promote innovative strategies for seamless dissemination and creation of knowledge using latest techniques, available media and technologies so that its students acquire skills to get suitable employment and contribute with a sense of service to national and global knowledge pool.


Transparency, Honesty, Integrity and Ethics.
Contribution to Development of State, Region and Country
Fostering Competencies Compatible with Knowledge Society
Developing High Moral Values
Quest for Excellence, Inclusive Sustainable Education at Affordable Cost.

The objectives of the school are to:

Create leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow with clear vision and values;
Ensure relevance of curriculum for the industry and the world of work;
Continuously develop intellectual capital in a collaborative learning environment;
Develop excellence and groom students as critical thinking individuals;
Provide diversified exposure through training and innovative assignments; and
Provide rich learning environment for development of high moral character