Lekhi public school was established in the year 2013 at Lekhi Village, Naharlagun in Papumpare district of Arunachal Pradesh. In the last 7 years, we have been able to do fairly good and by now we have been able to identify the issues of student, teachers and the society. Talking about education we cannot leave any of students, teachers and the society aside, they are closely interlinked with one another. Most of the educationists talk much about qualitative education but very less about quality of a child. To me, quality of a child is much more important than quality of education. I believe a good person only will make a good student. Hence, we strive to make each child good person then we do not have to force him to be a good student. Hence in our endeavour to make each child a good person, I have observed the following things and tried to come up with the solution as below:

The present scenario of the school, students parents and the society as a whole; itself; in Arunachal Pradesh is very pathetic. The following are some of the critical endemic problems of private school in Arunachal Pradesh:

  1. Every child’s mind is full of confusion about his/ her own future, behaviour, attitude, etc.
  2. Parents are sending their wards to school with the expectation that they (the childern) would get the attention of the teachers and other school authorities as a teacher as well as a parent, but t times they (the Parent ) fail to understand hoe actually their children are reacting to both the parents and the teacher. Particularly in the case of boarding school the parents expect that their children will get the love of parents as well as that teachers in the school fails because of the following reasons:
  3. The students do not readily accept the teachers as tier second parents.
  4. The teachers and the other hostel authorities are not able to handle most of the disciplinary issues effectively and convincingly.
  5. The reasons and causes; and the ultimate consequences of the above mentioned points 1 and 2, a,  b are as given below:
  6. As the indigenous population of our state, the Arunachal Pradesh is very small. Hence, we, the Arunachalees depend on the outsiders invariably for each and every work, be it domestic work, construction work, official, etc. So, our children are exposed to the outsider since their birth. In most of the cases we (the local people)   dominate the scene over our outsider friends. This make our children take a negative and domineering character that the parents and the outsiders (workers) depict over them. This bad example of our domineering attitude over the outsiders friends slowly and gradually creep into then innocent mind of our children and it becomes a permanent chip in the growing and ever learning mind of young children. Hence it becomes very difficult for our local children to follow the orders of their outsider commanders in our state, Arunachal Pradesh.
  7. In order to stop the above mentioned undesirable  results and to bring a revolution in the educational scenario of the state in particularly and the country as a whole we have taken up a numbers of innovative and effective measures such as;
  8. Control room with installation of CCTV, cameras in class rooms, all boys hostels , dining hall and at all others keys position of the entire campus and also installation of public announcement system covering all hostels both boys and girls , dining hall play ground etc.
  9. The deployment of local person at important position of disciplinary issues, such as hostel warden in boys and girls hostel, chief warden, administrative officer etc.

Theme 2020-21 sessions:: Do Good! Be Good! Feel Good!